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On-line Learning

Welcome to our on-line learning library.

To start you off we have included the following videos which
you can view for free at the end of this page.

Please note:-
Since recording the following moves, our teaching methods have changed slightly. There are two ways you could start,  either via a semicircle (found in these videos) or a push back, both are absolutely fine.  Just find the best way for you, nowadays, our personal preference is leading the ladies into the step back (or push back).

Look at this video to help you decide which way is best for you!

Modern jive hand hold

Starting Move

Turns and returns

Semi Circle Vs Push

Armjive (beginners)

First Move (beginners)

Wurlitzer (beginners)

Side to side (beginners)

Octopus (beginners)

Manspin (beginners)

Step Across (beginners)

Yo yo (beginners)

Hatchback (beginners)

Catapult (beginners)

Comb (beginners)

Lady spin (beginners)

Basic Beginners Routine 1
Armjive, Step across, Wurlitzer

Basic Beginners Routine 2
First move, Hatchback, Shoulder slide

Basic Beginners Routine 3
Catapult, Comb, Octopus

Basic Beginners Routine 4
Basket, Manspin, Yoyo

Regular weekly online classes available

We now  have 2 levels of regular online classes  available for you to choose from, there is a beginners to improvers level suitable for the complete beginner right up to the improver level, plus an intermediate level.  

With each level (called tiers) we will be uploading and adding one class a week to your chosen tier. The cost is just £10.00 per month + VAT making the weekly classes only £3 which is cheaper than a coffee in town - in the olden days when we were allowed out!

This is all done via a website called Patreon it’s free to register and you can find us at:-


Hope you enjoy them and thanks you for all your support.

You can also follow
us on YouTube