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Kerrin & Luci

My thoughts about learning to dance before coming to a modern jive class was I've always been very apprehensive and nervous about contemplating taking dance lessons; it's never really been "my thing"; I've always felt clumsy and inept on a dance floor. My reservations was that I was worried about footwork, since I have two left feet and no sense of rhythm. I was also expecting it to be a bit 1950's - Rock'n'Roll too.

At Ginger Jive it's very friendly and relaxed. Everyone' is very sociable and enjoying themselves. The lessons are nicely structured and well taught, to your own ability and pace. It turns out that footwork isn't a worry and the music is really great, from classic tracks to current chart hits. Not at all what I'd expected!

The best result I have got so far is that I'm so much more confident about dancing generally. I really enjoy and look forward to going to Ginger Jive every week; something I never expected would happen until I gave it a try!  I also find it incredibly therapeutic: No matter how tired I am before a Ginger Jive evening, I find once I'm there and on the floor, any worries just disappear and as the evening goes on, I feel more and more relaxed!

Honestly, I can't recommend it enough; give it a try - you'll love it!

Having learnt to dance from an early age my thoughts were excitement at learning something new like modern jive after so many years.  I think the only reservation I had was being single and not having a dance partner.

Going to a Ginger Jive class is a fun, sociable evening with good music and dancing with people of all ages. Beginners are made welcome, with no pressure, as the movements are brilliantly explained and demonstrated. Kerrin and Luci are excellent, friendly teachers and always on hand to answer any questions. Wednesday night at Burghfield is the highlight of my week!  Apart from being good exercise, my dancing technique has improved and having gained more confidence can now ask the men to dance! The social evenings are a great place to meet new friends.

I spent a couple of years trying to pluck up the nerve to try a dance class, before I finally took the plunge. I had always been very self-conscious about dancing, and was convinced that I was a no-hoper. Then, one day, I decided to go for it. I had heard that modern jive was one of the easiest to learn, so decided that was the one for me. I was completely out of my comfort zone, but everyone was so friendly and helpful, which really made a difference. After a few classes, I started to feel exhilarated. “I’m doing it, and it really is easy”, I thought.

Since then, over the last five or six years, I have experienced many modern jive classes, run by various organisations. My favourite of all is Ginger Jive. I try never to miss Ginger Jive’s Monday nights in Thatcham and Wednesday nights in Burghfield Common. Both venues have their own merits: Burghfield is a great dance hall. Thatcham is more intimate. Both classes are friendly and welcoming. Kerrin and Luci are great teachers who always make the evenings enjoyable and fun. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced dancer or a complete beginner. You will have a great time.

Dancing is amazingly good for you. You can get home, after work, feeling exhausted and like you don’t want to do anything. After going out dancing, you feel energised, alive, happier, and more able to face the world. It think it’s due to the combination of the exercise, the interaction with other people, and the music. Any one of these can make you feel good, but when you put them all together, you have a winning recipe.

I always wanted to dance but never did it as a child so thought it would be impossible to pick up as I wasn't particularly fit or supple. I went along with my sister one night and got hooked. Didn’t need a dance partner, didn’t really need rhythm and didn’t matter that I had two left feet! I felt like a 'dancer' after the first night.

I was worried about being a beginner amongst all the advanced dancers but everyone was so friendly and you soon realise it’s the best way to learn. The advance dancers choose to take part in the beginners class because they want to help you learn and see you progress. There is no competitiveness. (...is that a word??)

Ginger Jive is fun exercise! 2 words you wouldn't normally put together. A great social evening mixed with a good work out to your favourite music. The best result I have got so far is confidence and friends! I have made so many friends since I started. You don’t need to turn up to a session with someone else because you will always see a friendly face when you get there and I’m confident because I am fitter, healthier and now have a talent I can show off!

Emma & Gareth
Before coming to jive I loved to dance anyway, I had been a dancer for 11 years doing tap, modern, ballet, acro and street dance. I had never seen modern jive before so when we come for our taster session it was something different for me to try and it was really enjoyable and fun. I didn’t really have any reservations as I didn’t really know what it was about but I was glad I came along to try it out as ever since then I have been attending every week and most events

Coming to Ginger Jive is a fun and sociable night which I have learnt some new dance skills as well as new friends. My best result I would say is that I have learnt a new style of dance and my husband finally plucked up the courage to come along and learn too.

Gareth: My initial thought about learning to dance before coming to Ginger Jive was it was not for me and that I can’t dance. The reservations I had about joining Ginger Jive was worrying what people would say and if people would judge me on my dancing.

Attending a Ginger Jive class is really good. There are so many lovely people there that help you when you first start and make you enjoy the lessons and make you feel like you belong there. The best result for me from attending a class is that I have learnt how to dance and do different moves and link moves together and have a great time out with my wife.

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